Here is a sampling of many of the projects I've done.


Roguelike Game
Roguelike A Roguelike game that I'm designing.

Volume Viewer on
Volume Viewer Displays and lets the user manipulate 3D data (includes MRI scan data)

Shadows in the Maya Viewport. I was contracted by Goldtooth Creative to write a Maya plugin for them. It allows users to see shadows cast by lights/ It also performs screen space ambient occlusion.

Using CgFX in Maya. This is a small collection of CgFX shaders that can be used as-is in Maya with the default CgFX shader plugin.

Maya hand modeling tutorial. A simple walkthrough I created that covers all the major points of creating, rigging and animating a character in Maya.

SVGSalamander A popular, small and fast SVG renderer and animator for Java.


Photoshop Perspective Grids A utility for quickly creating a variety of perspective grids in Photoshop.

The Puzzle Corner is a daily updated dense wordsearch posted online.

Perlin Noise Maker will let you generate cloudy images in your browser (similar to Photoshop's Render Clouds feature). A useful raw material for artists creating images and textures.

Notes from my talk at JavaOne 2007. In 2007, I gave a talk at JavaOne concerning image processing techniques with Java2D.

Gazelle One of my first attempts at a Flash-like movie editor. Written entirely in Java.

Particle Effects A simple demonstration for using particles in a 2D environment.

University projects A collection of things that I completed back in university including 3D worlds and card games.


Kitfox Comics follows a band of adventurers in a sword and sorcery world. I started it to practice my storytelling and drawing.

Deviant Art I've posted a few items on my deviant art account.

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