Welcome to Kitfox Studios

Welcome to Kitfox Studios, web portal of Mark McKay.


Kitfox Comics follows a band of adventurers in a sword and sorcery world.

SVGSalamander is a popular, small and fast SVG renderer and animator for Java.

Life Drawing Slideshow is a web app I threw together to help practice lifedrawing. It shows a series of models in poses which you can then draw.

Perlin Noise Maker will let you generate cloudy images in your browser (similar to Photoshop's Render Clouds feature). A useful raw material for artists creating images and textures.

The Puzzle Corner is a daily provides a daily dense wordsearch for wordsearch lovers.

Volume Viewer on kenai.com
Volume Viewer lets users view and manipulate 3D data.

Even more!

See even more of the neat stuff I've done. Includes some movies.

Please email questions or comments to mark@kitfox.com

Want to know more about the kitfox? Read the EncycVulpedia, maintained by Richard T. Matheson.

If you came here looking for Kitfox airplanes, you can find out more about them at Sport Plane LLC